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Unwanted e-mails

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I am receiving unwanted e-mails. Sometimes from overnight until I look at them next morning, they can number 275!  Theye come from all over ---- ladies of the night!; companies I have never heard of; sex toy makers, clothing manufacturers and others too many to mention. I would just like to be able to cull them. I created a Spam folder, but I can't seem to find it! I am getting RESI just from my daily deletion of these e-mails. Can anybody help?



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Hi Barrie!


That's really annoying. Wondering are you getting the spam emails on your TPG email address or on another email address like your GMAIL, etc?


For your email address, try to use the Junk Mail settings in the TPG Post Office at 






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Luna, that website does not load for me... Would you test it please
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Hi @tallin@


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I tried to access the website and it seems to be working. You may also access it on our website, just visit, then click on the "Post Office" tab.



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