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User Webpage not reachable

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Level 3

Some time yesterday (18-may) I can no longer access my tpg website, the one, via control panel it times out, and trying to load the url on a web browser also times out. On the status page there is nothing showing to say it is down or whatever.




Hi @skozzy


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We’d like to get to the bottom of this.

Can you please send us a screenshot of the error message you're getting?



Level 2

I'm also getting nothing. No one can access the page.


I'd suggest your entire web hosting service is down given I can't even get a response back from the subdomain.


I've this escalate to our webmasters. 


Can you please PM us your best contact time and number for updates? 

Level 2

@Erika wrote:


Can you please PM us your best contact time and number for updates? 

Mine's not a critical case; just passing on more info so it gets resolved. I've subscribed to this thread, so I'll work from the updates here. Smiley Happy

Level 3 will not load, it says the site can not be reached, and if I am in the control panel where we manage our user files it wont even open any of the tools. doesnt resolve.

 Also the server status page shows web hosting a no reported issues, although there is



Level 1c

I can also verify that the server has not been operating since 18 May.


After a lengthy phone call I was asked to send detailed email to

No reply - so sent a follow-up second email. Again no reply!

Tried sending to and at least received a reply this time.


So far poor response from TPG.


Hi @jimmae,


We'd like to gather more information regarding this concern.


Can you please PM us your customer ID and your website please?




Hi @fisherc


Apologies for the trouble. 


I've chased this now with our webmasters.


We'll be providing you updates where possible.


Hi @skozzy, @jimmae and @fisherc!


We've received an update from our Webmasters that our server data has now been restored. 


Please retest and let us know how it goes.