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Very Slow Upload speed - NBN 50

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Hi @Njanda, we have PM'd you the details about the modem replacement.


Once you receive the modem, we'll check if this will resolve the issue.


We'll continue to monitor this. Thank you.


Hi Njanda, we can see that the modem has been received.
This community article below can help you with the set up:


NBN HFC Setup - General Setup


Once you have connected the new modem, kindly monitor the connection for 24 hours and if it drops again, please let us know so we can further check. Thank you.

Level 3

I set the replacement modem up last night and re-applied the MAC reservations I require.

I will continue to monitor over the coming weekend but noted at least once last night that the speed dropped to something like- 12/2Mbps or 16/5Mbps.

I noted that the replacement modem is the older ver1.x whereas the orignal modem was a ver2.x. Why the downgrade ??

Also the fact that there is no way to BACKUP my settings on these modems is inexcusable in this customised product from TPG.

Clearly the original TP-Link firmware has this capability - see attached 

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@Riezl   I also note that the replacement Modem I've just been supplied is NOT on the latest firmware which seems very odd given that it is a Ver1.x device and was shipped out as a replacement for a Ver.2.x device.

Current Device is :

Firmware version: v5006.0 Build180828 Rel.56416n     Hardware Version: Archer VR1600v v1 00000000


Assuming that later builds resolve issues, improve stability  and/or add capabilities, shouldn't it be on the latest Firmware ??


Hi @Njanda, this modem does not support the backup settings function and please be advised that it has the latest firmware version.


We'll see if the connection will remain stable. Please be also advised that you will need to return the old modem back to us.


We have included a post pack and you can organise a pick up from Startrack.


Hi @Njanda, we can see that the connection looks stable at the moment.


Please be reminded that you need to return the old modem within 14 days.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.

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The courier has collected the suspect modem and the NBN service connection has been stable. yay.

Thanks all for your assistance.


You're welcome, @Njanda.


Feel free to message us should there be any issues. Cheers!

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YES. I have had terrible upload speeds since i joined TPG over 10yrs ago.

Near CBD, with fiber to the building, 11.2Mbps on NBN12, 36-40Mbps on NBN50 and sub 1Mbps always.

When i was with iiNet with ADSL2+ in 2006-7 about, my upload was around 1.2Mbps and never been that high again! Since i moved and joined TPG many years ago my upload speed has maxed out at 800Kbps, on ADSL2, on NBN12 it stayed exactly the same. Even now on NBN50 it didn't go up AT ALL. I AM STUCK WITH 800Kbps upload forever (no point trying NBN100). I want to know why my upload speed is being artificially held back. On ADSL2+ it was logical based on tech but nothing explains why they can give me actual 38Mbps down but not even 1Mbps up
So if anyone knows anything? I am out of contract obviously and being loyal to a company has only hurt me so i'm try calling the sub priced tech that saves me on my monthly bill, one last time. Then im going elsewhere and paying the same or more for at least a chance someone can beat 800Kbps upload. If it doesn't get fixed ima have to change to business tech and pay 10x just to exist with internet.


Hi @darkbungle,


Welcome to the community!


We thank you for your loyalty and we appreciate you raising your concerns with us. We would like to take a closer look at your account to see what can be done to improve the upload speed of your connection. To better understand the situation, we'd like to get your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file).


In case you need a reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community