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Would like to receive a new Wi-Fi router

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I have been a long term TPG customer for many years and I have always enjoyed my experience. Recently I was provided with a complimentary 6-month speed boost. However, with my current router the NetComm Wireless NF7 N300, I am unable to reach these speeds (only getting around 20mbps standing right next to the router with no one using the Wi-Fi), which is unfortunate as I would like to test out your nbn home superfast plan. And if I do in fact plan to upgrade my plan in the future, I won’t be receiving promised speeds.


The NetComm Wireless router was provided to me back in 2014


Additionally, I would also like 5Ghz Wi-Fi in which my current router is unable to do with it only doing 2.4Ghz. Lastly, this router also drops out almost everyday resulting in me having to restart the router which is annoying and sometimes costly. (The internet would still work when connected via ethernet)


So I was wondering whether I could receive a new router for my FTTP connection so I can fully experience your nbn home superfast plan and also have 5Ghz Wi-Fi.




Hi @zh


I am unable to check the current status of your connection to further test and determine the cause of the connection issue. 


If you are using mostly using WIFI connection, you may check these links to improve your home network.


Let us have your Customer ID or username via private message so we can have our Technical Team to assist and contact you.