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blocking teenagers

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Hi all...I'm new to this forum, so hope you can help.

I've got one of those lovely teenagers who prefer YouTubing to doing their homework...I'm sure you know the type!
I'd like to be able to cut off the internet access to their Mac and iPhone for just a couple of hours in the evening so they can "focus" a bit more on what they need to get done.

Is there a way I can do that for just their devices without disrupting everyone else in our home?


thanks for any help in advance



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thanks, Basil.  Now it works... I think I know how to play with it more now.  thanks to all.

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Hi @phitchen333 . Different routers have different methods of doing this.

The Archer VR1600 has a wireless schedule to disable wifi at certain times; Advanced, Wireless, Wireless Schedule. Specify times you want wifi disabled.

Or, Parental Controls. You can specify by MAC address the times that access is not allowed.

There has been some confusion about whether this works. The use of time settings to restrict usage should be independent of the use of content restriction, which is a way of blocking access to certain types of material.

You probably need to change the admin password to stop the teens logging in and clearing the settings.

All these settings are cleared by a factory reset so maybe the router needs to be physically secured also.

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Hi Good morning to all,

I have done the WIFI schedule to turn off the WIFI as an example, but it does not turn off when it supposed to be.  My question is: is there a time lag, eg 10 minutes before the time off?  Or Do I have to click enable in the Wireless settings, Wireless Network [it is unclick as default]

Kindly advise.



Hi @San1


Yes, you need to enable it.



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thanks, Basil.  Now it works... I think I know how to play with it more now.  thanks to all.


Glad to be of assistance. Cheers!