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email settings not working to add into spark....

Level 2
Level 2

You a right, finally, a simple admission that TPG is simply not as great as the other larger email providers and cannot do what they do would have sufficed rather than the insistence that TPG does just fine as a stand alone email provider....  I will transfer my TPG email to another than can do what I want it to do... thanks anyway.

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Keeping your spam traffic off TPG's mail servers will benefit all other users, thanks for that Man Wink

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Level 2

Oh, I forgot to mention to all those searching for the same solution, you CAN have an IMAP account with TPG for a measly $40 a year.... Good luck TPG


Good day @tk,


You are right, our IMAP email only account is priced from $40 a year. Refer to this link for more information.


The free email that we are providing our customers, which comes with their Internet service is a POP3 email only.


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I really just only registered here to inform everyone that I had the same problem (different provider - this came up on google as I was searching for the solution).

After hours of trying to find the problem on my IMAP/SMTP server I realized that Spark is a piece of ** app and has a messed up DNS resolver. Our server's DNS name did not work when you input it in the app, but if you put it's IP address everything works without issues. Spark eat ** honestly. 

I do apologize for my bad language, but I was upset for all the wrong reasons. Also OP is an **.