nbn download speed

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i have nbn50 when im not downloading anything my speeds are great both download and upload sitting around 38mbs to 48mbs wich im happy with but as soon as i start downloading dosnt matter on what device wired connection or wireless my download speeds are 1mbs to 4mbs and its absoloutly rediculous.


Hi @casey92


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The transfer rate of the files that you are downloading will depend on their server or seeder, which we don't have any control.

They may have experienced a bandwidth issue as many customers are trying to download the same file from their server.


There are a lot of factors that we don't have any control, which you may check with their support.




Hi @casey92 

Just  following  up on this query:
I noted that you have been contacted by our Help Desk. 

Were you able to perform some download tests etc,.  ?
Can you provide example of "files" being downloaded ( and associated links )