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no NBN internet connection

Level 2

Hi, I ordered the NBN service, but there are some problems.

On the morning of April 3rd, I received a new router and followed the instructions to install it. However, the uni-d2 indicator on the NBN box is still off, only the power and optical lights of the NBN box are on which means I cannot connect to the network. I carefully checked and tested the cable connecting the unid2 and WAN of the router and it is can be used normally so I think the problem may be in the NBN box.

So I opened the NBN website and found out I cannot find my address on the NBN website. Does this mean that NBN is not availiable for my address ? However tpg told me that my address can use NBN sevice . I tried to seek help from tpg online chat, but every time they said they would transfer me to service delivery, no one contacted me after that. so how can I solve the problem of not being able to connect the Internet???

Level 11

Are you a FTTP connection? Fibre going into NBN box?

What does it say if you check your address on TPGs site?

Did your email say to use UNI-D2? Have you tried the other ports?

There may still be some work to be done before connection is active.

The following might help:

NBN Fibre To The Premise (NBN FTTP) Setup Guide