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Can't receive home phone calls and have to pay two bills!

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I signed up with TPG on their NBN bundle with home phone on 6 June 2020. It is now 8 August (more than 2 months) and I still do not have a working home phone, I can only make calls cannot receive any calls.


Worse still, I have been told not to close my account with the previous provider, as it needs to be active for my number to be ported to TPG. So for two months, I have been paying two bills and have been on the phone with TPG for countless hours with no resolution or contact unless I initiated the call.


Please address this issue as soon as possible. This is absolutely unacceptable customer service and if this is not resolved as soon as possible, there will be further public complaints about the terrible customer service by TPG. 




Hi @Edpark


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and reviewed the case.

Based on the notes, your current phone provider was not responding to the request to transfer the number to TPG.

This has been raised to their Management, however, no updates received by your case manager.


We'll chase this with our Home phone Engineers and have someone to contact you tomorrow to provide further updates.


Stay safe.



Hi @Edpark


Your assigned Engineer tried to call you to no avail.

He sent you an Email advising that the porting request is ongoing with your previous provider and the donor carrier of the number.


You may respond to the Email for direct communication with your assigned Engineer to follow up or clarification regarding the process.


Stay safe