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Landline call diversion problem

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I have always had my home phone diverted to my mobile (since 2017) but it has recently come to my attention that it has stopped working (not sure for how long).

I have re- followed the thread on call diversion and checked my mobile is still listed as the number for all diversion but for some reason no call is being diverted to my mobile.

Who should I contact in tpg to work out what is wrong?


Hi @Caramelthecat


Call Forwarding/Diverting is one of the call features available for TPG Home Phone and VoIP service.


Call Forwarding/Diverting allows you to transfer calls from your home phone to a number you choose on various conditions.


Standard call charges apply for forwarded calls.


You can follow the guide below to activate this feature:

1. Go to Enter your TPG Username/Customer ID/Home phone number for the 'Username' and Enter your TPG account password. Click Sign In.


2. Under "Your Account", click on 'View TPG Home Phone Service Account'


3. Click on 'Home Phone Service Control Panel'.


You will see the where you can set up the call diversion.


Standard call rates apply to forwarded calls. If you have local or national calls included in your plan, call forwarding is included as part of your plan as explained below.

  • $5 Unlimited Local Calls feature allows unlimited call forwarding to Local numbers
  • Super Chat Bundle and Big Talk Add-on allow unlimited call forwarding to Local numbers and Standard National numbers
  • Unlimited Bundle and Massive Talk Add-on allow unlimited call forwarding to Local numbers, Standard National numbers and Australian Mobiles

NOTE: Call forwarding to international numbers is not supported.

This article will provide more information regarding TPG Home Phone (Voice) Features

You can also refer to this article which may guide you in Using TPG My Account & Online Account Info

You may send us with your Customer ID or username via private message in order for us to assist you accordingly.