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No home phone signal but Internet works

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There is no dial tone or any noise when I pick up the home phone. I get a busy signal when I dial my phone number from a mobile phone, but the Internet works (but increasingly becoming slower I think). I have unplugged all phones, then tested each one by one on different wall sockets, but there is just dead silence. I think this has been going on for several days.


Is this something TPG can check to see what's wrong, or should I call for a phone technician? 




Good day @soniakim67.


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We checked your account and was not able to detect any issues on the network. I've run some test and refreshed your line connection. Are you able to check if the Homephone will start working now?


If it's still not working, please shoot me a private message of your preferred time and best number to be contacted so I can pass it on to our Tech team.


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Hi, thanks so much -- the phone works now! Again thanks.


Great! Glad to be of assistance @soniakim67.


Have a great day. Smiley Happy