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Porting phone number - impossible?

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So I'm getting the run-around from support and accounts.

Seems that I'm not allowed have my own phone number that I've had for ... long enough.


In a nutshell.

Was with TPG.

Switched to Aussie Broadband late last year to get a free FTTP upgrade.

Ported the VOIP service and number to them.

Post install and upgrade, switched back to TPG.

Requested phone number be ported back as well.


Services listed as active (with TPG).

Can call out, can't call in. On that number.

Calling that number reports it disconnected.

Several calls with TPG later, told that the number is with another provider and can't be ported back.


Really? I would have thought that porting a number should be simple enough and gets done whenever anyone else churns to TPG. But obviously that's not the case.

Also told that, if I wanted to get that number back, needed to terminate my current TPG account and get a new one. Then pay for email only for the current email and slaves.

Or terminate the VOIP service and get a whole new number.


Is there a reason it's not possible to request a port of a number that had already been with TPG (for over a decade I may add) back to TPG?

Surely porting of the number from another provider should be a straight-foward process by now?


Hi @ikerris


We're keen on checking what happened in this instance. The most crucial part of the porting process be it a mobile number or landline is to ensure that the account from the originating Telco is active. 


Let us have your TPG account details via PM so we can assist.  




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Hi Ahra,


Have PM'd details (and history summary).



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I was with Foxtel for Voip AND internet and Pay TV and then successfully ported THAT phone number (in advance) TO Aussie Broadband before I closed the account with Aussie Broadband.


Anyway I pre organised and pre-paid a bundle which included Voip and specifically requested the existing queensland number that I had had with 2 previous providers.


Like you, I was originally told the line was engaged.  But almost as soon as i plugged in TPG Modem I can call outbound but NO one including me can receive any calls at all.  Internet service is okay BUT it doesn't claim that the install is complete and doesn't propose an exact ETA.  My interstate loved ones ALL  have that landline number.  

I would have called Aussie Broadband (previous providers) to ensure they could transfer that number but was told there was 20 other people in the queue on 2 separate occasions.


I'm NOT confident i'll get the phone number I had.  The line now says" Your call could NOT be connected please call and try again" 9 days after I had applied to transfer to TPG so it's now not engaged but still would like a landline that my family and friends and businesses CAN call us on because that's what I paid for and that's what i expect.


No small wonder you have to sign a waiver (against poor service etc) to even have a "service" with TPG.  What happened to their company? Was good for local calls once upon a time.  I'm sorry you have this outcome.  I'm in the same boat but in reverse order?!


Hi @SimmieinOz


We'd like to have a better understanding of the situation and see what we can do to resolve this.


Kindly send us a private message with your account details.



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I've replied in a private message with my TPG account number.  It seems like this porting existing landline numbers to and from TPG has been very delayed and impossible since 2020 with no end in sight?!