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Unable to make outgoing calls

Level 2

I am unable to make outgoing calls from my home phone. This also happened on 3/11/20 after changing my plan from adsl2 to nbn and was resolved by making a payment of $20.00 (invoice #1247623234). Now it has happened again and there is still $20.00 in the home phone prepayment outside included value.

Can someone help please, I need the phone.


Hi @jackcat 


Thanks for raising this with us.

Upon checking the account, the home phone status is 'Unfinancial'. You've already consumed the $20 prepayment balance for your phone service.

We've created an article that will guide you in checking the usage online. Refer to this article: TPG My Account - Checking your calls and usage online


You may consider an Add-on if you always use your phone service to call outside. Check our page for more details: NBN plans