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home phone dial tone working

Level 2

I have dial tone on my home phone but i cannot ring out . The internet is working fine .

Level 2

Seems to be a comon issue at the moment.


I have had issues for months, but especially over the last few days. I am porting my phone number away from TPG as a result. Very poor phone service in my opinion.


The internet is great, I get 49.88 downstream - 4ms and 19.9 upstream on most days, I have FTTC. The phone has never been a standout performer even when it does work.


So have decided to keep my voice and internet seperated from here on so that moving/churing/porting either one of them into the future will not affect the other.


Just my 2 cents. Thanks


Hi @guntherjoe


We recommend having a read of these community articles, which may help with your concern:



I've managed to locate your account using your Community details and have detected no line fault that can affect the homephone service. 


Since there is no alternative mobile number on the account, I will have our Technical team to try and fix the homephone issue remotely. 


Otherwise, we'd appreciate if you can provide us with another number in order for us to organise a call back to be made. Please send it via private message.