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home phone intermittent connection issues

Level 4

Have been working on NBN for a year now.  Every so often we get problems from people trying to call us on the home phone being unable to connect, or dropouts after 10-15 mins.  It seems to affect callers from interstate(WA), or Northern NSW most.  (the latter also has connection problems when we try to call them, sometimes get error 'mailbox full').

Connection is POTS handset directly connected to Archer 1600v modem phone port 1.

Local calls mostly reliable outbound, but incoming sometimes report line busy (when it isn't) or number does not exist.


Hi @Ascidian99


Your homephone relies on your internet therefore, any issues on your internet service may also affect the phone service.


Based on remote test, there appears to be no evident line issue which can be service affecting. Internet also appears t be connected for a week now which is an indication of a stable connection.


Here are a few Community articles on which you can refer to for basic troubleshooting:



Otherwise, let us have your best call back time & number via pprivate message so we can have our Technical Team to contact and assist you. 





Level 4

Thanks for that.  So presumably PING & TRACERT results will have validity as the home phone packets use normal IP routing, subject to any load balancing that may be going on?.  


A quick question - my router config shows, on Basic page, no information for phone - "telephone service unavailable" and under Advanced / Line Status DSL - disconnected.  Is this the normal TPG config?