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Archer 1500 VX220-G2v

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I have just paid $99 for an upgraded modem from the Archer 1600 to the 1500 (doesn't sound like an upgrade right?)


I have a tenant in my home who I put on the Guest network, or at least I did.


This new modem has no GUEST NETWORK!!!


Fair suck of the saveloy TPG, not only have you done away with email, make sure those of us who use your VOIP solely dependent upon your choice of modem, now you have taken away another function of the modem, and a users basic right to have at least some control over their own equipment.


Please put back the guest network, and then send me another modem


Hi @Fiery,


The full wireless specification of the TP Link VX220-G2v can be found here:


The wireless function and other features of a modem is not under the ISPs control but that of the manufacturer.  


Please note that we have chosen not to supply the VoIP settings  to end users to simplify setup and to ensure the security of our customers' connection which is related to your service. 




@Ahra_G . The specifications for VX220 say there is a guest network on both wifi bands.

TPG have total control of the firmware on the routers they provide. TPG have modified the VOIP firmware to work with their VOIP servers. No point providing settings.

TPG have also removed other features since the router model was initially manufactured. Looks like they have removed guest function.