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Archer VR1600v hungs every next day

Level 1a


please help.


My archer router is connected to NBN. via coaxial cable from foxtel cables.



The model and the firmwares are as follows:

Archer VR1600v v1 00000000

0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 180828 Rel.56416n



This modem is extremely unstable.

I activated parental control for few devices, and now it activates it on the first day, but on the next day the internet is not blocked.


this is highly unaceptable!

I also had to disable completely the DHCP a year ago because DHCP also made the router to hung.


I need firmware update I guess.

I disabled all usb sharings, upnp servers, nat and DMZs,


the problem still persist.


please send me updated firmware, or advie how to fix.


Hi @ltrifonov 


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and it appears that you've contacted our Tech team since you have a new modem/router.


We have a number of customers that able to use a third party modem with their NBN HFC service. Here's the link for the discussion that you may use as a reference.


Your TP-Link VR1600v currently has the latest firmware.


For the Parental control, there's a time period for the restrictions. Here's another link to the discussion on how to set it up.


Let us know how it goes.