BYO plans

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@BasilDV . Many users want to use a BYO router and some of the routers do not support VLAN ID setting, eg. Google Wifi and Google Nest Wifi. Also, they are not worried about not having VOIP service.

If a user is out of contract, would they be able to change to the same-speed BYO plan?


The type of NBN connection would be a consideration here, specifically for Google devices without RJ11 connector. It would allow FTTC and HFC users to connect their Google device without going through the TPG-supplied router.


@david64 the price for both regular TPG NBN plans & TPG NBN BYO plans are the same so for most, transfer is not recommended because there are no benefits. If you have a regular TPG NBN plan and you wish to use a BYO modem, it is possible, please click on this link for set up and config assistance


To answer your question directly, if the user really want to do the transfer for the specific reason of using a router without VLAN, then yes I think it is possible and our team can make the arrangement. Please note that by doing so may involve some downtime.


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