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Bridging Archer VR1600V TP-Link Firmware cf TPG Firmware

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Hello TPG moderators and technical support staff!

I have followed the posts regarding that VR1600V box with great interest, from the point when a bridging method was posted in 2018;

through the post when the validity of the TPG firmware wrt to bridging was justifiably challenged;

to the post when TPG conceded their firmware, and so the earlier posted method were non-functional wrt bridging, in 2019;


Would someone please state when TPG will provide a fix that will provide a working bridge function?

Failing the capability to achieve that, would someone please state whether TPG can supply these boxes loaded with  TP-Link's firmware that does appear to support WDS bridge functionality as per;


To be clear, there appears to date to have been no reasonable explanation, nor reasonable level of community support provided, and no technical reason for delivering these boxes without a valid bridging function. I, and I expect others, would be appreciative of effective support regarding this problem. Tq BJ


Hi @WiFiiFiW,


Welcome to TPG Community!


The TP-Link modem/router can be bridged and work using a LAN connection (usually works with NBN FTTN/FTTB technology), but the Wireless bridging / WDS function was disabled due to security issues.


You may also use a LAN to LAN connection to turn the device as an access point. You may refer to this link.