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Does TPG provide an NTD?

Level 2
I recently signed up for a BYO Modem NBN plan. Things are progressing well, but I received a text from tech support asking for details about my NTD, or if I didn't have one.

I said I didn't have one, and haven't heard anything since. Does this mean TPG are in the process of sending one to me?
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The network termination device (NTD) is the box supplied by NBNCo when having FTTP (all fibre) installed.

Level 2
Okay, well the apartment I moved into doesn't have one.

Is this one of those 'Get in touch with TPG' scenarios?

Hi @ShaggymanG . Go to and enter your address  unit nr/street number etc to find out the type of connection you have. TPG should have done this when setting up your account! If you live in an apartment, you could be on FTTB type connection. This doesn't use a NTD. Your wifi router (BYO) connects directly to the telephone wall socket.

TPG should send you an email advising you when your connection is ready to go.

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Hi @david64

See, I thought so too, but nope! It's an HFC connection. Definitely requires an NTD. I'm thinking I'll just give TPG a call tomorrow, and try and see what's up.

Here's a cheeky screenshot of the text I recieved a couple of days ago. And nothing post that.

Hi @ShaggymanG


Sounds like a scenario of a missing NTD. There are instances where tenants assume they need to bring the NBN NTD along with them when they leave their apartment. NTDs are property of NBN Co and will only work on the provisioned/assigned address.


Please send us a private message and we'll sort out one for you.