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Extremely slow wifi but very fast ethernet speeds

Level 2
We have very fast Ethernet speeds of 250 to 400 mps down and while our wifi is much slower, its always been enough for us at around 20 to 40 mps down.
But suddenly yesterday we are getting 0.1 mps down on wifi, if we can manage to connect at all while Ethernet speeds stay normal. I don't understand what is happening. I've tried everything, restarting, rebooting, restoring, and reconfiguring. This happens on all our devices so its not an internet problem or a device problem. The only thing I can think of is a modem antenna problem or something?

Are we able to upgrade to a new and better modem-router? I've been researching but it's way too complicated for me to decide on which modem to buy. And I don't really feel like being on the phone with tpg for hours while they run me through the same things I've already tried.
Level 15

Hi @dbgreenazza . If you have the wifi device next to the router, what signal strength do you get and what wifi connection speed? How does the speed test go then?

If speed is good up close but drops off with distance, these articles might help.

There could be interference from surrounding networks.

Level 2
I already stated that WiFi has been fine for a long time, so if it was merely a positioning problem or interference it would have been an issue years ago. I place my laptop right next to the modem and I get between 1-2 mbps down. There is some issue with my modem's wifi.

Hi @dbgreenazza


Aside from the positioning of your router.

Have you tried changing the WIFI channel on your wireless settings? WiFi connection is prone to signal interference.


Could you please provide us the make and model of the router that you are using?