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HUAWEI Modem HG659 - Firmware Update

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Level 1c
Can I also request an update.

My wifi constantly stops working and U have to reboot.

Product type: HG659
Device ID: 00E0FC-J3N8W17531002091
Hardware version: VER.B
Software version: V100R001C216B112
System up time: 0 days 0 hours 21 minutes 35 seconds

Hi @Spas,


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We have located the account using your community details.


We have requested a firmware upgrade and we'll get back to you once an update is received.

Level 1c

No worries, @Spas.

Level 1c

Any chance you can also request an update for my other home modem.

The second account is xxxx


Hi @Spas, the modem for the second account has the latest firmware.

Level 1c
Thanks for checking!

Not a problem,Spas. We'll let you know once the firmware for the first account is updated.


Hi @Spas, the firmware has been upgraded. Please check if the connection will improve and if not, feel free to message us so we can investigate further. Thank you.

Level 1b
Could I please get the firmware upgrade too please
Product type:
Device ID:
Hardware version:
Software version:

Thank you