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How many devices can you use on the TPG supplied modem

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I am a current TPG customer with ADSL.  I am about to be connected in the near future with the NBN and I am wondering how many WIFI connected devices I will be able to use with the TPG modem if I go with TPG.  Currently I have a  number of devices switched off as they all won't work with my current modem.


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We can't provide the exact numbers on how many devices the modem can handle, but it is safe to say that it can handle around 30 devices at the same time.


Now, it will go down to the speed tier that you are going to apply with. If you are on the basic NBN12/1 plan which speed is similar to DSL service, then you'll experience a very slow internet speed as the bandwidth will be shared with all of the devices connected to the network.


You may need to consider getting the Premium NBN100/40 speed tier with typical evening speed of 88.1 Mbps if you will be using multiple devices at the same time.


Here's a community article which will give you some tips on choosing the right NBN plan that will suit your needs. Click here.


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