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How to Setup Belong 4353 Adsl modem

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How to Setup Belong 4353 Adsl modem for using my existing ADSL connection 


Hi @shettyraghu07


Welcome to the Community! 


If you have previously used this modem for ADSL2+ service and it is not lock to Belong's network, then it should work and all you need to do is configure the modem by following settings:


  • Username: <Your TPG username>
  • Password: <Your TPG Account Password>
  • Protocol / Encapsulation / Connection Type: PPPoE(sometimes, you'll have PPPoE LLC)
  • Authentication Method: PAP
  • Modulation: ADSL2+
  • VPI/VCI: 8 / 35

You may also check out our Community article regarding Setting up ADSL2+ and modem configuration.


Let us know should you need further assistance. 

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belong 4353 not have ppoe connection future

can i change frimware?