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How to back up settings in the Archer VR1600v

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Does CWMP have anything to do with the "snoop" setting [or option]?

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Der! Sorry, just read up on IGMP, and found it is only used when there's multicasting occuring. Not for me, so off it goes.

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It always amuses me when someone who hasnt provided any assiistance says at the end "please let me know if I can provide further assistance"

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Well, another upset customer here.

Not only the new modem does not offer the settings backup option, but it does not offer it despite that being the main reason I asked to be sent a new modem and agreed to 6-month contract and a 10 bucks delivery fee. The settings backup option was literaly the reason I wanted that new modem and it must have been clear to the support person who called me regarding my phone not working, wanting to factory-reset the modem remotely in an effort to fix that issue. Since I have so many settings in there that it is a half of my day spent setting everything up again, I said I was not happy to do that and then potentially do that again on a new modem if a replacement was needed and that I'd really like to have a modem that has the backup option available anyway, so would it be possible to send me such a modem please? I was told that yes, with those above mentioned conditions. For the backup feature I was happy to agree to both. And now I have a modem that does all the same things the just replaced one did and no backup option, also same as the original modem. And I found that out after I set everything up. Very upset... ! :-(

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I'm working through some technical issues with a TPG rep around the phone lag.

He wants to hard reset the modem, which I was fine with until I discovered there's no way to perform a backup!


I'll now have to redo:

* SSIDs (both frequencies + guest network)

* IP settings (I like using a private class A range to make things easier)

* DHCP reservations
* Things I haven't thought of, but will find out the hard way eventually.

Removing the backup function from the core FW seems like a really odd decision from TPG, and it's one I can't understand.  Every router I've ever owned has this functionality.

TPG, it's time for you to re-think this. 


Hi @mfeodoroff


We appreciate your feedback this helps us to improve our service, unfortunately at this moment Back Up Settings to our supplied Archer VR1600v is currently unavailable.



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These idiots at TPG have also provided crippled TpLink modems to new internode customers, my neighbour just signed up with Internode, received a crippled TpLink archer without backup settings, without Telephone settings visible, and without CWMP settings visible. What possessed TPG to turn internode into another crappy ISP?


Hi @james100


Thanks for dropping by!


We'd like to inform you that TPG and Internode are 2 different companies. We recommend that you direct your modem inquiry to your respective ISP for proper assistance. 


Best regards, 


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So 18 months pass and still no Backup/Restore ... TPG, can I assume this will never happen?

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Came to chime in that this is a massive oversight and very disappointing missing essential feature.

What were the tech guys thinking?