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How to bridge VR1600v to R9000 router

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Im attempting to bridge the VR1600v modem/router to my R9000 router. I followed the instructions in 'How to turn on bridge mode on the TP Link 1600v' :

1.) Select on "Network"

2.) Click on "DSL"

3.) Then click on "+Add" to create a new connection

4.) Make sure to select on "VDSL"

5.) Look for "Bridge" on the "Internet Connection Type"

6.) "Enable" the VLAN ID

7.) VLAN ID should be "2"

8.) Lastly, "Save" the changes


but when i click save a message pops up advising:

Error code: 85629
This VLAN ID already exists. Please input another one.


Hi @libber8,


Welcome to the Community!


The reason why you're getting that error is because there's already another WAN interface using VLAN ID 2. If you check the screenshot, you'll see at the bottom section the instance named: pppoe_ptm_2_0_d. It's currently set to VLAN ID 2. Please delete that first and try again.


Let us know how that goes.




Level 1b

Hi Will,


That worked,thanks for your help.


We're glad to know that it worked, @libber8. In case you have a queries about our service in the future do not hesitate to create a thread here in our community. Cheers!