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How to create mesh network and retain VoIP for big multi-floor home

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Does anyone have a good solution for adding a mesh network to their VR1600v modem?  We have a large house and would like to extend the mesh to all floors, yet retain the VoIP feature on the TPG-supplied modem.  Open to upgrading the modem if that helps.


Hi Kelborn,

You could try a LAN to WAN* configuration, this will keep your VOIP active and allow your mesh system WiFi to operate independently.

You could either switch the TPG WiFi off and only use the Mesh WiFi or utilise the TPG WiFi as another network.

Connect your primary mesh pod to the TPG router with an ethernet cable

(TPG Router connect to yellow LAN port - Mesh Pod connect to WAN port)

Connect  the remaining Mesh Pods either by WiFi or cables as per the manufacturers instructions.

Connect devices using the Mesh WiFi Network

Connect VOIP phone into Phone1 port on TPG modem.

Good luck


* This setup is the same as I personally use at my home  with a different ISP to connect my own WiFi router whilst keeping my VOIP service working through the ISP provided router and has successfully remained stable for 4 years (NBN FTTP) 


Hi @Kelbom 


You may check the previous conversation in regards to setting up a Google WiFi or Mesh.

You may also try searching the community for another discussion.