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How to set up a bridge on archer vr1600v.

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We did an article that you may find helpful. This will guide you on how to improve wireless connection see links below.

Note: You may need make sure that the distance of the Main modem/router and the router is far from each other to avoid Wi-Fi interference.


Hi Shane


Have applied the instruction however whilst LAN is giving reliable internet access from the extender/AP the WIFI signal is not reliable and drops out on different devices stating 'no internet connection'.

I applied the new IP address as per the TP Link instruction to the AP - with DHCP disabled as advised.

Any suggestions to improve WIFI reliability on AP?

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Does this mean you can use these Archer VR1600's as a wifi extender by turning it into a bridge like in the above comments? And then all you need to do is turn of the DHCP??

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Many thanks to the participants in this thread: I've now got my Archer acting as a media converter for ADSL to ethernet, and have posted a how-to here


VLAN tagging on the Archer, when acting as a bridge, and not my interior router was the main stumbling block, thanks guys!