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Huawei HG658 (TPG NBN50 FTTN) WiFi & VoIP issues

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Our NBN Internet sync has dropped out unexpectedly a few times over recent days (NSW 2290 postcode, currently using loan TP-Link AX5400 VX420-G2H modem) - it seems to reconnect/sync automatically within some mins each time.

Also, one of our laptops fails to detect it's Wifi signal (whilst a few other of our laptops and various other devices detect it & connect OK) - strange, have been troubleshooting it.


In any case, the brand new TP-Link AX1500 VX220-G2V (recently ordered, on it's way) connectivity & functionality should be good, hopefully.


Hi @ssar


We are not able to detect any fault within the network.

Kindly check if the cables are securely connected.


You may try to change the WiFi channel to lessen the signal interference within your network.