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Modem/router compatibility

Level 2
I’m hoping someone can help me. My modem/router TP Link Midel: Archer VR 1600v has died. I’ve arranged for another modem/router to be delivered but it will take a few days. My daughter is doing some summer semester subjects and needs the internet so she wants to purchase one immediately. I don’t know what will be compatible - I am a complete techno-failure. Could someone recommend what I should get?

Hi @ChloeJob,


Please check first what type of NBN connection you have. You may refer to this link: New Connection Setup Help


The below articles will guide you on which router to get: 


NBN BYO Modem Hardware Compatibility

High-Speed NBN BYO Modem Requirements


Let us know should you require further assistance. 



Level 15

Hi @ChloeJob . Instead of buying a router, can your daughter hotspot her computer or tablet through her mobile phone? She may need extra data on her plan.