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New TP-Link Vx420-G2v

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Is it possible to replace the TPG supplied V1600 with the new Tp-Link Vx420-G2v.


My internet connection is driving me mad. within the space of one day, my connection speed fluctuates from approx 100 mbps to 4 mbps. I used to get 144 wireless speed from the modem to the PC but that speed now seems out of reach.

I did a speedtest using the TPG App. Speed was 52 mbps

 2 minutes later A speedtest using the one on the TPG website was 2.7 download and 8.8 upload. It took over 20 seconds for the TPG website to open. I am reluctantly considering another ISP - even going back to telstra (with whom I had been with for over 20years). The 3 powerline adapters i have tried to use are inadequate to improve my connection.


Plan is NBN cable 50


Hi @akj0barakat


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We checked your account and it shows that your current modem/router is out of warranty. If you want a new device, then you may purchase it for $99.95 + $10 shipping fee.


If you are experiencing problems via WiFi network, signal interference might be causing the issue.

We've created some articles that may help you improve your home WiFi network.


Let us know how it goes.