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Hi all


I'm connecting a Deco M9 Plus to my NBN router and I'm being asked for the username and password for the internet connection (PPPoE). I've tried my TPG username and password, but this doesn't work.


Any guidance on how to find the correct username and password would be appreciated.





Hi @mcintosh1001 , you can find your TPG account username in the welcome email that we have sent when you signed up with us. 


You may login to TPG My Account to check whether you have the correct details. You may refer to this link: Using TPG My Account & Online Account Info 


If there's a need for your to reset the account password, this link may help you:  Forgot your TPG account password? 


If you need further assistance, you can send us a private details with the mobile number, home phone number linked to the account as well as the complete address so we have someone contact you to provide the account details.


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community 

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I've tried to use my TPG username (both the text and numerical versions), and my TPG password, but it does not work and I still cannot establish an internet connection.


When I plug the original modem back in the internet works fine.


Are there any other recommended options, and does anyone have experience with the Deco (TP-Link) M9 plus?



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Hi mcintosh1001.

Setup for PPPoE uses your TPG username with on the end and your password. Your username and password can be checked by logging onto My Account. If you are on FTTP, that's all you need.

Otherwise, you need to set VLAN ID=2 somewhere. Looking through M9 manual, there doesn't appear to be this setting. (The Deco X20 manual does have this setting.)

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Hi @mcintosh1001 . Did you get the Deco M9 working? The VLAN setting for internet is in the IPTV section.