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Replacement modem arrived, but home phone not configured

Level 4

I had a new modem posted out to me cause my old modem become faulty

Old modem is VR 1600v

New modem is VX 220-G2v

My old modem has my home phone programmed in, the new modem does not.

The new modem has a default login as tpg_acs@tpg_acs, so I changed that to the login I use on the TPG Website to access my account, that did not seem to help, the phone is still not working, nor is my number showing up when I click on the phone icon on the modem setup page.


Can someone give me instructions of the steps needed to configure the phone to work.

I did ask support before the modem was shipped if it would be configured for plug and play, seems like that step was missed.

What I remember was my old modem if it was Factory Reset it would boot using tpg_acs@tpg_acs and then auto update with my correct login details, this new modem doesnt do that, so it is why I put in my account login info myself.


I dont use the home phone much, but im paying for it so may as well have it working.



Hi @skozzy


If the internet is  working, the homephone should also work. We'd like to check the status of the homephone. 


PM us with your Customer ID/username so we can search for the your account. 




Level 4

I have sent you a private message

Thank you


Level 15

Hi @skozzy . If you don't use the home phone much, you could consider the $0 per month pay as you go plan. You can receive calls, make 000 and 1800 calls. You have to make a pre-payment to make other calls. This is topped up when it falls to some level.

Level 4

Na, we will just work on updating the modem with the correct settings like the old modem so it works as expected. I assume someone needs to email out a flash update file to use ? or add some settings to the modem.