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Sagemcom 5866T Modem 2.4GHz WiFi Connectivity Problem

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I have recently signed up to the 5G Home Broadband plan, and was sent a Sagemcom Fast 5866T modem.


I am having trouble connecting some older devices to the 2.4GHz WiFi. Devices that are able to connect to the 5GHz do so with out problem. I do not believe it to be a problem with the devices as they could connect to my TP-Link Archer C1200 router.


Is anyone else experiencing the same problem, or is there a firmware update for the Sagemcom modem that may resolve this issue?




Hi @aquilina


The new modem/router uses the WPA2/WPA3 security protocol.

If older devices do not support the said protocol, then they'll not be able to connect to it.



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Hi BasilDV,


The devices support WPA2, verified from the device specifications. The original router was configured to use WPA2-PSK with AES encryption and the devices had no problem connecting with it.


One of the devices, a printer, has the specific WiFi security protocol configuration setting WPA2-PSK-AES.



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HI @aquilina . Some things to try on Sagemcom.

Do the two wifi networks have different names?

Disable Band Steering (if that is an option).

Disable IPv6.

Is there a setting to disable 802.11ax and Wifi Multimedia (WMM)? Disable both together.

Is the old Archer turned off while you are doing this?

If the old Archer is still working, you could use it as an access point. Disable Sagemcom 2.4GHz network and disable Archer 5GHz network. Your old devices will connect via Archer 2.4GHz network.

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Hi @david64,


Thanks for the suggestions. I had tried all of that with no luck and ended up using the TP-Link Archer as an access point.


The main problem I’m having now is the the slow download speed, sometimes as low as 2Mbps. I’m also finding the unit will fallback to the 4G network and I have to reboot the unit for it to reconnect to the 5G network.




Hi @aquilina, are getting the same speed when connected via ethernet? We'd like to determine if this an issue with the wifi speed or something else. 


You can send your details to us via private message so we can have a closer look at your connection.




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Same here. I talked to the IT technician on the phone for 1.5 hours, issue was not resolved at all. 

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Had a chat with IT. It's most definitely an issue with the Sagecomm modem that is supplied that does not allow/is incompatible with these smart devices like google nest/security cameras/smart bulbs etc. I hope a software update can be done to fix the issue. I hope it is not some sort of hardware incompatibility. They have told me they will be talking about this issue during their next IT teams meeting.

For now, the best solution is to use a separate router as an access point if you want to continue running your smart home. 

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I am having the same issues atm


Hi @Wavy


You need to disable the band steering if the 2.4GHz band is not viewable.


We'll start by getting you to log into your modem's web interface. You can do this by typing in any browser.

Enter your modems username and password (found on the modem sticker) > Go to Wireless Settings > Disable Band Steering.

Disabling band steering gives you more control and allows you to manually change your current WiFi settings.


Let us know how it goes.