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Slow broadband in Sydney

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Just had NBN installed. Finding the signal strength and performance of my iPad has been badly affected by the change. I believe the TPG router is not producing a strong and well distributed signal, it has NO ANTENNAE compared to our previous router which had THREE LARGE ANTENNAE (each 20 cm in length).


The router is also getting hot which the previous router did not do - it has only been operating for day, and it is left on 24/7, especially because the phone is now VoIP active.


I am also concerned the combination of the poor performance of the TPG router and the NBN box are interfering with the volume/speed of data sent or received, even though the TPG speed test shows DOWNLOAD 40 Mbps and UPLOAD 18 Mbps - I find it VERY HARD TO BELIEVE THIS TPG SPEED TEST REPORT.


Please contact me about what can be done to improve equipment and network performance asap, such as replacing the current TPG router with a better signal strength, and/or relay device that can help relay the signal to a more centralised part of the house.


Looking forward to a quick fix and big improvement




Hi @Sky12,


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We've created some article which will give you guides on how to troubleshoot your slow speed issue and provide some easy steps to improve your WiFi network at home.


Check these articles:

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If you still need further assistance, please let us know.


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