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TP Link Archer VR2100v phone not working

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My TPG supplied modem router (TP-Link AC1600) is dead hence I bought a new modem router (VR2100v). Internet connected. Data services ok, wifi ok. However, although landline has a dial tone, it can't make or receive phone call. 

In the TP link support page, it said the following:


For some ISPs in Australia, we have collected info from them. Please refer to the following picture to configure your VoIP function if you have one of the ISPs listed below.

Quote: TPG

TPG VoIP doesn’t support third-party device, which there is a forum post on the TPG official website.

Only the modem is provided by TPG such as Archer VR1600v or TPG has helped remove the limitation on the device, you can follow the below picture to configure it.



So TPG please help me on this. My elderly mum needs the landline to stay in contact with the family. 


Hi @lalaland 


The 3rd party modem/router will not work with our VoIP service.


The only device that will work is a TPG provided modem/router as we use a special firmware.


Kindly send us a private message with your account details and will check on what we can arrange for you.