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VR1600 Bridge mode for PPPOE (not extending wireless)

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Some TPG experts says **YES** ...Some TPG experts says **NO** ... to bridge mode working. Maybe Modem (vr1600v) version V1 works but V2 doesn't.
Agreed ...Bridge mode prevents phone from working!

Perhaps ONLY the setting using **EWAN** works!

BUT BUT BUT ... This link Suggesting it is possible
Suggesting it is possible
Suggesting it is possible
Pls investigate.
Here is a **SOLVED** solution ==>


... Using Vlan channel 2 on VDL2 setting in bridge mode NEVER syncs/connects (The DSL light is NEVER permanently on.)
But first of all I'm not getting a internet connection ....simply says "DSL disconnected".
I expect a DSL connection even before PPPOE authorization succeeds..
However , I don't expect the internet light to be on however in bridge mode

PS. I have discovered the login does NOT needs to be "" but simply "abcde"
Also ...does anyone know if the (NBN connection box) is compatible for this. It always has 4 lights permanently on whether there is an internet connection on a working device or not.

Level 2
Level 2

In this mode wireless is turned off... And the modem is simply dumb. Another device does all the smart work.
so subject should be more descriptive in :
VR1600 Bridge mode for PPPOE internet bridging  IE  (NOTHING to do with extending wireless. coverage.    )