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VR1600 v2 - TLS 1.0 no longer supported- NET::ERR_SSL_OBSOLETE_VERSION

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Dear TPG Forum members,


I have the TP-link modem VR1600 V2 running firmware 0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 210413 Rel.19548n.


I have an issue when using HTTPS to browse to the administration page of the modem , as it seems the modem is using TLS version 1.0 , and most browsers (Chrome, Edge and Firefox) are only supporting version TLS v1.2+.    So I get the error message " NET::ERR_SSL_OBSOLETE_VERSION".   The link below shows that browser support for TLS 1.0 is deprecated.


Is they an update for this?   I  rang TPG support and they helped me to upgrade my firmware to the latest version but it still is using TLS 1.0 it appears. TPG support asked me to post this question in the forum to seek support from the community here. 


For the time being the only way for me to use HTTPS is for me to disable my antivirus and choose to "accept the risk" option in the browser. Both of which is not recommended.


Hope someone can assist.






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Hi @cdmain21 . Regarding the firmware, is Build 210413 Rel.19548n the version that TPG support upgraded you to? What version did you have before?


Is there a reason for using HTTPS to login to the router? Or is Chrome enforcing https?

Did you have to enable "Local Management via HTTPS" in the router Administration screen?

What do you enter in the address bar to login to router?

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Hi david64,

Yes TPG support upgraded me to the latest version they knew in the hope it had support for up to date TLS versions. I cannot recall the version I had before. However it should be in my notes that TPG support recorded.

The reason to use HTTPS is so that my credentials are not passed in plain text. Yes I did enable "local management via https" and chrome is not enforcing.

In the address bar I type https://<ipaddress>

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@cdmain21 . Regarding the firmware, the build number tells me it is from April 2021. The moderators are saying that build 200810 (August 2020) is latest. I will have to ask them.

The only credential is the admin password. Your account password is not shown. Your traffic can't be captured by other ethernet ports, the wifi has WPA2 encryption to protect the wifi password.

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Hi David64,

Thank you for the reply.

I believe I had the 2020 build prior to the firmware upgrade. But this build also works on the device, although I don't know what improvements if any are made.

Yes I agree the wifi has WPA2-PSK AES encryption for protection. I did not think of this. So local access would be mostly protected. I would like to use HTTPS just an an added layer of protection though.

If I were accessing the admin page over the internet, i.e. remote access, then the HTTPS encryption would be necessary to encrypt the data yes? I'd like to know if TPG plans to support TLS 1.2 in future? TLS 1.2 was launched in 2008 so it should have been adopted by now, that is my thinking at least.

Again, thank you for taking the time to respond.
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@cdmain21 . Agree with the remote access over internet. There is also the SSL/TLS certificate to be loaded into your device. Don't know if it is a permanent unchangeable cert or if it can be renewed from time to time.

The chromestatus article mentioned a setting to avoid the error message but the setting was being removed in May 2021.

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Hi David,

The trust certificate seems to have a long expiry date like 2038 or something like that. So it seems to be permanent.

Yes that setting mentions the option to use accept the older TLS version and it does work, but my antivirus then gets in the way, so after disabling it I can get in. I think they have delayed removing support for TLS 1.0 but it could happen with the next update.

Hopefully some of the moderators can advise regarding the potential inclusion of TLS v1.2 in future firmware versions.

Thank you for your support .