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no incoming email for over 3 weeks

Level 2
I have been using TPG email for over 20 years
For the last 3 weeks all emails have stopped, including legal contracts and medical reports
I have spent a number of hours being transferred between tpg and the Messaging Company both blaming each other, but still no incoming email.
Level 7

Have you previously received any email from TMC to say you have been migrated? And have you looked in the mailbox via your browser?  My email with TMC is fine on Outlook once I checked my settings. Are you using MS Outlook?


Hi @peteross . You should find out from TMC if you have been transferred or not. That should be easy enough for them to say yes or no.

Do you use the web interface or mail client; which one? Any error message from client?


Can you find out from your expected senders if they are getting error messages when they send to your TPG address?

What about other senders: friends, family, marketing, bank?
Create a gmail account and try sending to your TPG address?