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setting a static ip to xbox one x on a tp-link archer vr1600v

Level 1b

Evening there folks.

Got hooked up on the NBN 100 plan with fttc, speeds are good with a good ping around 5-7ms.

Done some testing with the xbox speed test and it comes up pretty good,

95Mb down

25-35Mb up

However the ping leaves alot to be desired, 148ms. I feel as though this could be alot better.

I am using a hardwired connection.


Is there a way to bring this ping down? setting a static ip to the xbox and fowarding the nessecary ports?


Hi @kiwi_steve


Welcome to the Community!


We've managed to locate a site that will guide you on how to set a static IP address on your Xbox. Click here.


Also, we've created an article on how to forward some ports for your Xbox. Check this link.



Level 9

Hi steve.

What are you doing to get a ping response of 5-7 ms?

What are you doing when the ping response is 148 ms? Is that the gaming server you use?

Can you do a ping and tracert command to the game server (if that's what it is), either from the xbox or computer?

I don't see that a static address or port forwarding will help.