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Alternate router to use on HFC

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I beleive that any modem/router with VDSL or VDSL2 will work with HFC cable.

Can someone please confirm this.

And suggest possibly a Tp-Link router.

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Yo @raymp. I posted this list of VDSL Modem/Router yesterday. This might help you finding a modem/router.



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Oops, I just realized that this post only includes modem/router for FTTN/FTTB. So it doesn't have HFC routers.


I tried to search some NBN router compatibility unfortunately it leads me to this thread.

Anyway, if you're planning to use a different router for your TPG-HFC be aware that TPG VOIP feature won't work as I believe it's only available when you use their supplied router. (It applies to all their NBN service)

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Hey mate!


Check this:


TP-Link Archer C9 feedback on NBN HFC service


And this:


Netgear and ASUS router discussion. Smiley Happy

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Any comments on a tp-link VR 600, AC 1600 modem router.

It has vdsl which is need for HFC cable connection

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