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This article will help you if you would like to reschedule your TPG installation for your NBN, ADSL2+ or FTTB service to a new date.


Check out our video guide or follow the steps below


How To Check or Reschedule Your Installation Appointment

For NBN services


  1. Visit
  2. Type your TPG Username in the Username box and press enter on your keyboard

    → How To Find Your Username

    Check for an email from TPG confirming your order was received.

    Here is an example for a TPG NBN service:


    From: TPG Internet

    Subject: TPG NBN Bundle Order Received




    Alternatively, if you know your 7 digit Customer ID, log into TPG My Account and your username is displayed on the usage screen at:


  3. Click the red "Reschedule Appointment" button
  4. Enter your billing post code



  • Select your new appointment and click "Reschedule Appointment" to confirm.
  • Confirmation will be displayed immediately on-screen. We'll also SMS and Email you to confirm.




For ADSL2+ and TPG FTTB services


  1. Visit
  2. Type your TPG Username in the Username box and press enter on your keyboard
  3. Click the red "Reschedule Appointment" buttonimage.png


  • Fill in all your details on the Reschedule Your Installation form. Select a new requested installation date. Please note that your request will need to be at least 4 working days after today's date.  
  • Then click Submit.
  • TPG Service Delivery will contact you to discuss your reschedule request within 24 hours. We'll endeavour to accommodate your request within our wholesaler's availability.



  • IMPORTANT: Your installation date has not been changed until we contact you to confirm. Your original installation date still remains until we confirm with you.


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Level 3
Level 3

The NBN reschedule does not work, all it does is tell you you have been unsuccessful, I have tried this over 30 times during the last 11 days, I left my details, as requested, on multiple occasions but have had no contact from TPG.

Level 2

I am facing the same problem. Does anybody have any idea how to reschedule for installation?

Level 2

I have plugged in my NBN modem due to multiple Urgent SMS from TPG telling me I needed to, yet it does not work as there is no option given to me to organise scheduling a technician. Why is has my installation been stopped?
I am without internet now for two days.

Level 2
I am having same problem
Level 2

i have same issue, the technician came in this morning only to tell me he has to drill hole through the wall to pull cable indoor, which should have told me/or ask me to check beforehand as i need to get approval from landlord... the reschedule platform told me it is unsuccessful when i tried to reschedule. 

really frustrated when you have to WFH....

Level 2

I had an appointment today for NBN installation, tech didnt turn up, no message to say it was cancelled or rescheduled. Nobody answering the customer service lines, no communication what so ever. Recorded message is saying to check installation status on the website listed above and when I go there it tells me my installation is happening today. This is just so poorly organised its comical.

Level 2
Currently there is no way to reschedule.
Level 2

Hi Linda, I experienced the same issue too. I have been left without internet for the last 1.5 months and I can't get hold of TPG both on the phone or through their online chat. Have you had any success with them yourself?

Level 2



I have logged into that page however dont see any options to select an installation date. Is there anyone that i can contact to organise a time for my NBN to be installed?