FTTP upgrade from FTTC

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HI - I would like to do the upgrade path from FTTC to FTTP. My current connection is 100M down.

Are there any deals at the moment?

I understand that if I order a higher speed plan, say 250M and above, my connection will be upgraded to FTTP "on demand".

I can't see any trigger on your websites to start this off.

Help, please?


In order for you to change the technology being used by NBN to deliver the internet you would have to reach out to NBN Co directly further info can be found on https://www.nbnco.com.au/learn/technology-choice-program

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Strange I didn't get an alert for your reply.

This is only part of the story. No, I won't be reaching out to the NBN directly, they are too hard to deal with and will send me back to the retailer.

Some of the information on the on-demand upgrade is here in one of the latest articles:


The ‘on-demand fibre connection offer’ is to be released to users 'soon'. It looks like November 2021 now. It has been floating around all year - has TPG signed off on it?


I am reluctant to pay for the change up front, the cost has been slowly increasing each time I enquire, currently $3000 or so for about 15 m of fibre pushed up a conduit and a couple of connectorboxes, which will probably be eventually installed anyway. Plus formal quote fees, etc.


It appears that NBN has now formally abandoned GFast, hence, this is the only option.