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Frequent NBN Dropouts and slow technical support

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Frequent dropouts have occurred in the last three days and we don’t have internet connections at all tonight. I called technical support in the afternoon. The woman said that it was evident that our modem is not receiving signals. She said that a technician will call me in a few hours and fix the problem as soon as possible.
However, it has been twelve hours, no call, no replies and even no email reporting the progress as the customer service promised. We are left with no internet for the whole night.
Very disappointed and frustrated. NBN ( FTTN) has brought an awful service and inconvenience. TPG just takes the money from our bank and fails to solve the problems properly.
We often experienced two or three dropouts per day. But this time, no internet connection for most of the day. And the problems leaves unsolved with no explanations!

Hi @Dandreaming,


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Please send us a private message with your customer ID or username so we can take a look at your account.


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Hi @Dandreaming, thanks for sending your account details via private message.


We have checked the status of your connection and it appears to be stable for more than 7 hours now.


If you are still having issues, please PM us your contact details so we can have a specialist contact you for assistance.