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HFC debacle, what happens now

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Now with the HFC debacle, those of us that have NBN via HFC installed, what happens to us now

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Yes, I would like to know too. My HFC connection became live just 2 hours ago. All working well at present, but I understand some HFC users have experienced dropouts and slow-downs.

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Yes @peter3193 i have had HFC for a month and a half, its been up and down and i have the Boost Plan, been waiting here for someone to check why im not getting what im paying for but it seems this NBN is in the too hard basket, third world countries have faster internet, how can that be, well have a look at the clowns running our country and then thats what this country has become ONE GREAT BIG JOKE.


Hi @sinned01,


Please check the update for NBN HFC on NBN HFC Update.


I checked your account and was not able to detect any issues on the network. I can see that the modem has been connected to the internet for more than a week now with no evident drop.


Are you connected via WiFi or Wired?


If you are on WiFi, then it's possible interference on the signal that is being provided by the modem. Please see this link which has some information to improve the WiFi signal.


If Wired, then you might need to check the Ethernet cable if it's properly connected to the modem and to your computer. It's better if we can try a spare Ethernet cable as well in case the other one is already faulty or damaged.


If we are experiencing issues on the speed, please see this link for some troubleshooting to improve it.


Once issue still persists, please shoot us a message of your preferred time and best number to be contacted so I can organise a call from our Tech team.