Modem replacement

Level 2

Modem fried itself after a recent storm.  Rang TPG to get a replacement modem, which was sent and received 23rd Jan 2020.

Replacement modem was faulty, technical support said they will expedite a replacement and cover the cost of returning the faulty modem.

Rang 30th Jan 2020 to be advised it is with someone who has to approve the replacement modem, rang 31st Jan 2020 and people still trying to find out was is happening - contact dispatch - allow 3-5 days for dispatch.

I am now over 2 weeks without a phone with very upset customers and I am at the mercy  TPG who can do whatever they want and when they want.

I bought another modem which TPG couldnt help me set up because not their standard modem.

Most other providers you can buy a modem commercially, not TPG.  Dont know when or if I am getting another modem, and will send TPG the invoice for the temporary modem.

Not happy


Hi @birvine


Welcome to TPG Community!

We were able to locate your account using your community details and tracked the replacement modem that we've sent.


Based on StarTrack, the parcel is on its way and estimated delivery is on Monday, 3 February 2020.


You can purchase a third party modem, but the VoIP phone that is bundled with our NBN will not work since the setting is embedded in the firmware of our modem/router.


We'll send you a PM with the consignment number of the parcel for you to track it.