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NBN - Archer 1600V - Google WiFi, Bridge Mode

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Hi All


I'm trying to bridge the Archer 1600 to a Google WiFi mesh.

The documentation in the PDF on the Archer 1600v is recklessly scant with respect to bridging.

There are some older details in the forum about DSL bridging but nothing about NBN.

No matter what I tried, DMZ, Bridging etc nothing has worked.

Issuing the command "tracert" back comes two inside IP's indicating the double NAT remains in place.


Can anyone explain or link to how this might be achieved.

It seems a terrible waste to buy another modem just because the documentation is so poor.

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How about plugging the Google WiFi into the Arris NTD?

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The response from the forum is pretty much as expected.

A few people have viewed the question but no responses and no one has an answer.

Calling TPG Support, they were polite but did not know how to bridge TPG supplied TP Link Archer 1600V.

As mentioned previously their only suggestion was to read the manual and that it was the manufacturers' responsibility to make it clear how to bridge the Archer1600.

FYI, The manual mentions bridge 6 times but never directly addressed it.

TPG supplied the TP Link Archer 1600V and I paid for it (not bundled).

It is fair to say I'm not demanding they fix my random hardware, just to operate the supplied hardware.


What's wrong

TPG Support must have dropped the phone connection over at least 10 times over 2 days of trying to sort this.

Sometimes they phoned back but sometimes they did not.

Tech Support does not know how to operate the Archer 1600v outside of very tight connection issues.

In pro networking terms bridging an outward-facing device = kindergarten


Where there is hope

The issue with Google WiFi appears to centre around the use of VLAN.

In terms of VLAN, TPG uses VLAN and Google WiFi does not.

Some fixes might be possible with managed switches, where you can create a VLAN within the switch itself.

The basic concept is to plug the Arris CM8200B (NTU Modem) and Google WiFi into a managed switch with a VLAN set up on two ports.

There are reports of success on for some RSP's but importantly also failure on the TPG network.

Probably won't go down the managed switch route for this reason.

Users at other particular RSP's do report success with simply connecting the Google Wifi directly to the Arris.

Almost certainly they do not use VLAN and that is why Google WiFi is working.


Next Steps

1. Give the TPG support team another chance.

2. Scope other RSP's regarding price and connectivity BEFORE signing up for a new plan.



Hi @rawb111 


Welcome to TPG Community!


The supplied TP Link Archer VR1600 is for free, but the shipping of it will cost $10.


We've created an article on how to bridge the TPLink VR1600. You may refer to this link and this post.


Also, there was a discussion on how to set up the Google WiFi. You may check this link; HFC and Google WiFi. 


Kind regards,


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Thanks BasilDV


I have covered those pages many times, thanks for the links.


With respect to the Archer for $10, it costs an extra $130 upfront for the opt-out contract.

Us simple folk call that buying a router.


Before I posted this reply I gave everything a go multiple times.

Result nothing worked so can ANYONE who has Google WiFi AND an Archer 1600V working please post here.

Note, not other routers, Google WiFi in single puck mode etc.


I have definitely wasted enough time trying to get this to work at this point.

Hopefully, we might hear from the Google WiFi - Archer 1600 -TPG NBN unicorn soon.

Realistically my path will now be to find a  provider that supports IPoE (DHCP) and forget about getting the VLAN2 connection to work.





Hi @rawb111,


Just in case you missed this, here's another community thread that you may want to look into: Google WiFi




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Well done Will.


The article says - "You may use your google wifi as a router or wireless repeater together with our TP-Link VR1600v which has the VLAN that NBN Requires."


Some networking terms tend to be interchanged but Google says this on the repeater...


"Google WiFi is not a repeater / extender. It is a complete mesh solution. The primary Google WiFi node will be a router/firewall, creating a new internal network for wired and wireless devices".


So that is a hard no for repeater and the two routers scenario will give the troublesome double NAT configuration.


Thanks for your efforts.

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I have successfully setup Google Wifi with NBN HFC and the TP-Link Archer 1600V router as below:


In the router settings:

Advanced > Network > DSL > Add...


Modulation Type: VDSL

VLAN ID: Disabled

Internet Connection Type: Bridge


The bridge was then displayed on the Network > Interface Grouping as LAN1 port. I connected the Google WiFI to the LAN1 port on the Archer router and continued to successfuly setup the Google Wifi via the Google Home app. I then disabled the WiFi radio no the Archer modem and all is working peachy (and MUCH faster than the Archer!)

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Hey Thunderb0ltX,


Brilliant advice! 


I had tried previously to set up my Google Nest to my Archer 1600 and in the end, I gave up. TPG support was absolutely pathetic. I would have got more intelligence from my dog. Google tried hard but in the end, were no help. Luckily I came across your post today when I decided to have another crack, Thanks to your brilliance the job was complete in 20 minutes. All functioning perfectly.


As for TGP support, they get a 1/10.


Thanks again.

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Hi there,  looks like your onto it, but mine still dones not work - the google router plugged into LAN port1.  Although its still picking up the IP address from the TPG router.  Do you specifically have to disable DHCP or other steps?