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NBN Connection on wrong home phone number

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WOW – long story I'll try and shorten. Not a complaint – but after your thoughts please.


I ordered NBN100 thru TPG with line porting package. I ordered NBN to be on my HOME PHONE line of 9*****61.

My, then current dedicated TPG ADSL line is 9*****48


When my NBN NCD and modem turned up, and on advice from TPG, I plugged all into the 9*****61 line. NO NBN.


Ordered TPG techo to come out to house. Did yesterday. Great service - turned up on time - fantastic! Tested 9*****61. NO NBN active. Put an order in for NBN tech to come to house to "finish their work" on Feb 12.


Got home last night and tried NBN NCD and router on my (then) dedicated ADSL line 9*****48. WORKED. I called TPG and they helped me configure the actual router with my correct password, waited whilst I wifi connected all my devices incl Foxtel, everything fine – great service.


SO NBN IS connected to WRONG line.


Porting???? CAN my old phone number (which I NEED to keep) of 9*****61 BE ported to the line that was (from Telstra's perspective) 9*****48?


TPG called me today to say sorry about delay .. again great follow up, but the girl (CES is her name) was very surprised when I said "well, NBN is working, but not on line I wanted. It's on 9*****48".


She said well, NBNCO will see that you are on NBN tonight (takes 24 hours from connection) and port your number.


I said port 9*****61 across to what was a telstra line of 9******48?


Oh no, you'll be phone number of 9*****48.


I said no. Just cancel the PORTING. Just give me NBN and I'll stay on Telstra on 9*****61.


"Sorry can't happen, can't stop the porting part of order"


She said wait, went to speak to techos, and came back and said, "we'll cancel your existing order and replace with new one and BY TONIGHT all will be well on 9*****61 line. Unplug everything from where it is now (9*****48) and plug it into 9*****61 line and porting will occur".



In any event CAN THAT happen that quick given 9*****61 WAS NOT connected to/by NBN and I was going to have to wait til Feb 12 FOR NBNCO to come to house to "finish their work on 9*****61", per the NBN tech in our house yesterday?????


If you CAN cancel original order, which I have received email confirmation HAS occurred, WHY CAN'T the new order you're raising cancel not mention porting at all and just be for NBN on 9*****48 which is where it is and working?


Really happy to simply stay on NBN on 9*****48 and Telstra on 9*****61 ...but....can't..


Hi @Roddy19


Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to write about your experience.


Whilst we successfully install thousands of NBN services each week we would like to sincerely apologise that this was not your experience. 


I've checked your case and can see that the assigned case manager has been in touch earlier to provide you with an update to test your connection. 


Our case manager will continue to monitor your case and will provide you with further update once additional information becomes available. 


Should you need further assistance, please let us know.