NBN Installation

Level 2

NBN technician came over today in an effort to install NBN. He cannot find the "NBN Co" box outside out property. He looked at the conduit at the curb and found that NBN does not look to be available to my property.


I then received an email indicating that the installation appointment is changed to next week.


Please clarify if NBN is available to my property and what work needs to be done to install it.


Hi @darwin,


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We have located the account using your community details.


As per checking, your address is classified by NBN Co. as Service Class 22, which means that there's no internal cables or wall plate, thus an NBN technician has been booked to install it.


Nonetheless, we'll clarify this with our Provisioning Team and will revert to you once a feedback is received.

Level 2

What is the technician going to do, what will be the impact to the property, and will there be additional costs?


Hi @darwin


We regret to learn that you no longer wish to continue with the service. As advised over the phone by the Case Manager, we may need to resubmit the order should you decide again to proceed with the installation. 


Feel free to let us know should you have further queries or requires assistance.