NBN activation

Level 1b
I had my NBN box installed yesterday and am awaiting activation from tpg.
I am currently working from home and now without internet.
How long can i expect to be waiting to get the activation message from tpg?
I pluuged in my modem in the hopes it was working and it connects to the screen i have attached.

HI @Brandonbianca67


I've managed to locate your account and had the chance to check on your line.


The service is installed however it appears that the modem is not connecting to our server and needs to be configured manually with your TPG username & password. 


I would recommend to perform a reset first so the modem can try to reconnect automatically again to our server. 


Otherwise, you may follow the step from these articles: 



Let us know how it goes. 




Level 1b
I tried resetting the modem and it has not helped.
In the NBN box the UNID1 light is flashing amber. I have tried switching it to UNID2,3 AND 4 as per the video and no lights come on.

Thanks for providing more info @Brandonbianca67 .


I have since organised a call back to be made tday from our Technical team to assist you further. 


Also, your assigned UNI-D port is number 1. Please connect it to the original port for remote testing purposes. 


Kindly wait for the call today. 




Level 1b

It seems we are facing the same issue. I can't access Internet with everything set up following the manuel. The whole process of installing the nbn is taking much longer than I expect, and my cellular data is running out.